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Alex Parry, Dena Davies, Elin Phillips and Gwawr Loader in Bitcoin Boi by Catherine Dyson.


Times are hard and skies are grey, and it’s a daily battle to keep the wolves from the door. Jade and her mother Crystal dream of a better life - the life promised to them by Jade's father, before he vanished. While Jade relentlessly chases down a mythical fortune in a video game, Crystal is seduced by the offer of a mysterious stranger who has come to town. In the shadows, a Bounty Hunter waits. As the night unfolds, both must face a reckoning with loss and longing, and find their way back home.

Part modern fairy-tale, part sales pitch for a new crypto utopia, this Newport-grown story explores themes of grief, hope, and the true price of the dreams that we are sold.

They say you can't put a price on a good life. They're wrong.

Script and lyrics by Catherine Dyson

Music by Dyfan Jones

Directed by Hannah McPake

Bitcoin Boi at the Riverfront Theatre, 2023. Photo by Kirsten McTernan

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